Find out how much storage space you need – tips

When you need some space for furniture storage you surely ask yourself a question „What size of storage unit do I need?”

It can be difficult to realise exactly how much storage space to opt for. Naturally, the size of the storage unit you require will depend on what it is that you plan to store, and how much of it. There’s a huge difference between storing a few belongings from a one-bedroom/studio apartment or dorm room and furniture and possessions from a two or three-room flat or even a house or big apartment.

Storage services near London (Brentford, Ruislip)

When you lookup up the information given on websites of storage companies and warehouses the storage unit size options are usually listed vaguely as „small unit”, „medium unit” and „large unit”. This often means nothing to someone who doesn’t work in a storage branch or similar ones. Even with the square foot (25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 sq. ft) measurements provided, it can be difficult to visualise whether the items you wish to store will fit in there.

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Not Sure how much space you need for storage?

Also, the storage unit sizes may vary from each other in different companies offering storage services. If you’re struggling to visualise how your items will fit in a storage unit call your storage company or warehouse – an experienced team member will ask you all-important detail and help you choose the right size for your needs. For example, perhaps not everything you wish to store will be boxed and of a typical size or shape. Professional will help you visualize everything and this will make your storage decision easier.